Opening Australia’s purpose has always been to help open Australia.
How Opening Australia looks today grew after listening to what clients ultimately wanted.
We found that clients did not just want immigration advice, they wanted help with everything associated with their time in Australia.
Clients wanted to find a business that they could trust to provide all of their immigration and integration solutions. Solutions for everything from providing them the best visa pathway, to giving them the best options of where to study, to reliable legal advice, to advice as to where to live, to a variety of investment options and to where to find a job.
Clients choose us because we are conveniently a one-stop-shop for all immigration and integration related matters with a very high level of personal care.
We provide our full range of services to clients no matter where you are located around the world.

When we started our business, clients were happy with the visa advice that they received, but it was often found that those same clients often asked for assistance with other areas related to their migration to Australia.

As a result of this common feedback, Opening Australia now operates different departments to cater for all immigration needs:

  • Visa & Immigration
  • Legal Advice
  • Study in Australia
  • Work in Australia
  • Recruitment

​For example; a client may have been interested in migrating to Australia to work and may have been eligible for a visa but had no idea of how to find an employer to sponsor them. This is how the idea for linking skilled workers with businesses in Australia came about and we now list these workers on our Recruitment page.

Another example; a client may have wanted to have studied in Australia but found it difficult to determine which course to study which would give them the long-term result that they were after such as a job in Australia after their student visa. This is how our Study in Australia department came about.

Client testimonial 
"The team at Opening Australia were excellent throughout. They explained precisely what was required from me at the very start, ensuring my application had the highest chance of acceptance by guiding me through each stage, from reference requirements, to medical and insurance requirements. Their attention to detail was superb and I felt like they really cared about the acceptance of the Visa. I'm delighted to have had my application approved within 2 weeks, which is a testament to the professionalism of the team at Opening Australia"
- Derek