A visa refusal can have catastrophic consequences on a visa applicant and their family members and some visas can only be applied for once. Therefore it is important to get your visa application right the first time.​
We offer a DIY service for those visa applicants who wish to lodge their own visa application.

Our DIY service is overseen by an immigration lawyer.

How our DIY service works:

  1. You contact us and request the DIY service
  2. We then ask you to email us your draft visa application, any related documents and any questions that you may have
  3. We schedule a time for our telephone consultation
  4. You have a telephone consultation with an immigration lawyer going over your visa application, any related documents and addressing any questions that you may have
  5. You submit your visa application.

​The DIY service is $300 per hour.

Most visa application reviews can be conducted within 2hrs.

Client testimonial 
"The team at Opening Australia were excellent throughout. They explained precisely what was required from me at the very start, ensuring my application had the highest chance of acceptance by guiding me through each stage, from reference requirements, to medical and insurance requirements. Their attention to detail was superb and I felt like they really cared about the acceptance of the Visa. I'm delighted to have had my application approved within 2 weeks, which is a testament to the professionalism of the team at Opening Australia"
- Derek