Apart from in Queensland, Notary Services are normally appointed by the Supreme Court in each Australian State and Territory.

Notary services involve the declaration that a given document is valid for use in Australia. This may be an original document or more likely a copy of one. These services maybe helpful both within Australia and overseas. For example, such services may be necessary for paperwork associated with a relocation to Australia.

We provide notary services through: www.ByrnesLegal.com

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"The team at Opening Australia were excellent throughout. They explained precisely what was required from me at the very start, ensuring my application had the highest chance of acceptance by guiding me through each stage, from reference requirements, to medical and insurance requirements. Their attention to detail was superb and I felt like they really cared about the acceptance of the Visa. I'm delighted to have had my application approved within 2 weeks, which is a testament to the professionalism of the team at Opening Australia"
- Derek